Sound and Movement

Is sound nothing but light slowed down?  From a Theological standpoint, God is Light (John 8:12, 1 John 1:5).  So if Light slows down, you can hear it?  Or, you can hear God?  I enjoy the sounds in my songmaking and composing.  I don't like all the sounds, but I'm very curious to listen.  Music can incorporate all kinds of sounds from all kinds of instruments.  Arrange these sounds and you can create movement.  Movement causes friction.  The movement is beautiful to me, maybe more than the actual sound.  The movement can create some very interesting songs and underscores.  Some of this movement is not good.  It takes my thoughts to unhealthy places.  Some movement is very good and takes my thoughts to very healthy places.  How does God control the movement to continue to be all-good?  A very powerful thought to me.  As a composer, when I put this sonic movement to a character who is bad or a character who is good, or to any scene, I am forever learning the infinite variations of movement in the process.  Some scenes or characters need no sound, and the Light to see them is enough for me.

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