1. Half & Half

From the recording Songs Dad Won't Let Me Sing

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Half & Half

My breasts so large, they’re so sexy, the men will gawk and stare
My butt is firm, my legs are sleek, I like it when I’m bare
I’m shopping for a tighter skirt these heels are just genius
My panties are so very tight, they hold my huge penis
I’m halfway there, well on my way, I’ll get there soon I know
This journey to become myself really begins to show
But during this interim time I’m straddling the line
I’m half woman and half a man, got some of yours and mine

The doctor says the final cut will really do the trick
A nip and tuck, a pull and tug, will do the final kick
I’m saving everything I got to get me to the place
Where I can finally feel at home inside with perfect grace

(repeat chorus)

No longer trapped, I took a stance to really set me free
Who gives a shit whether or not I stand or sit to pee!

(repeat chorus)

Explanation: This is a song from the point of view of a man in the process of becoming a woman, or, perhaps more appropriately, a song about the journey of a women trapped in a man’s body going through the process to become who he/she really is. It was inspired by watching a great new Netflix series called Orange is the new Black, which you can read about at: