1. Under the Bus

From the recording Songs Dad Won't Let Me Sing

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Guarded lives, splintered knives
Fractured tortured souls
Festering fears, haunted tears
Teach but can’t console

Betrayal Portrayal
Though your were my friend
Incestuous Contemptuous
Now we find the end

Under the bus without no fuss
Thrown within my prime
Hung out to dry so I can die
My old life left behind
You snitched on me now you’re set free
Only concern your own
Under the bus without no fuss
Its here that I been thrown!

Contextual confessional
Here comes my only sin
Monarchial Societal
Its here that I’ll begin

(repeat chorus)
My life is a menagerie
Of corpus Christos pain
A study in anatomy
Of nothing left to gain

(repeat chorus)