1. 500 Pounds

From the recording Songs Dad Won't Let Me Sing

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Weight of the world is on my back
The stress is way too much
My family says I’m just a hack
They call me such and such

I cannot find a lifetime mate
The lonelies have attacked
Got to create a whole new fate
Remove this gunny sack

I’m gonna lose 500 pounds
I’m willing it to be
I’m gonna sing 1000 songs
Achieve my liberty
I’m gonna find my inner child
He’s hiding there in me
I’m gonna lose 500 pounds
It simply has to be!

Contestable this festival
The clowns of life surround
Delectable this spectacle
Of dogs who claim they’re hounds

The Holy Grail upon this trail
Of lifetime’s challenges
Now finds new winds to set my sails
Upon what balances

(repeat chorus)

Crystal bells and chandeliers
Adorn this fabled place
Yet nothing ever does compare
True love upon your face

(repeat chorus)