1. Ain't No Sweat

From the recording Songs Dad Won't Let Me Sing

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Aint No Sweat

Paws up on my jacket
Mud prints left behind
Chewing on my shoes
Saliva all the time
Shedding hair like mad
Dog you need a bath
100 pounds of love
Add wings upon my back

Ain't no sweat my new pet
Exactly what I need
In my heart you’re the best
Soul food yes indeed
Taking time in my prime
Comforting Godspeed
Ain't no sweat you’re the bestest friend
Soul food yes indeed

Close companionship
Tail wagging loyalty
Always glad to see
You and specially me!

(repeat chorus)
I walk the dog, the dog walks me
It’s really all the same
Out in the fog, down by the sea
This bond will never wane
(repeat chorus)